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STARS Europe

STARS Europe. Accreditation and Recognition of Sustainable Displacements for Schools.

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STARS Europe

The STARS Europe project is a project aimed mainly at generating a change in the mobility patterns of students.

It is a project whose objective is the promotion of active displacements among school children to go by bicycle or walking to their educational centers. To this end, a network of cities that want to adhere to it has been promoted, making it a city project, where the different administrations, parents, teachers and neighborhoods in general, bet for a better distribution of public space in favor of those modes of healthier, more sustainable and safer travel.

The methodology followed by the STARS project basically follows two lines of action:

  • Campaigns to promote sustainable mobility that the students themselves elaborate.
  • Accreditation of the schools based on the results obtained (bronze, silver and gold).

The City Council of Granada has adhered to the Stars Project, signing its commitment with the General Directorate of Traffic (coordinating body of the project in Spain) through the Municipal Education Center for Road Safety of the Mobility Area, with the aim of making Granada a city with sustainable mobility, safe and healthy where the protagonist is not the vehicle but the person and the quality of life of the same.

The City Council of Granada has adhered to the project for 3 years.

The schools that have signed their membership are:

SchoolMedal achievedMedal to which he aspires

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Proyecto STARS

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